ScanTribution makes tracking charitable contributions effortless and seamless.

ScanTribution is a seamless integration and effortless collaboration system for tracking charitable contributions.  A system that streamlines the task of counting, documenting, tracking, reporting, auditing, storing, and archiving contribution information in an efficient and accurate manner. The result of which, is a significant reduction of potential misinformation and a lower margin for error.


Quick turnaround

For delivering receipts and accurate bookkeeping of donations gives your donor greater satisfaction and helps them to maintain their own records.


Best Organizing

Organizing the front and back end of your charitable organization’s record keeping frees up time for you to get out and educate prospective donors of the value you provide for your community. 



It is the process by which your organization can transform for the better. Make your presence known and spend less time tracking routine information with ScanTribution. 

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Business Class Support.

We offer a basic level of assistance to ScanTribution community members, for customers with an Enterprise License we provide Enterprise and/or Global Support.

ScanTribution Enterprise and Global Support offers guaranteed response times, telephone contact, access to support portals and software upgrades. For a complete description of our Enterprise Support offering please consult our Support and Maintenance Terms and Conditions. 

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It’s so simple but so needed, I can’t believe there isn’t something on the market already!
Jon Anne Willow
Wow, who would have thought of that but you?
Sezandra Pinckney
Great Idea!
Michelle Craig
Why, didn’t I think of that?

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